Blue Crane Technology presents automated testing of Mobile Device Applications. Using Industry standard tools and our best of breed methodologies, our Automated Mobile Testing Suite allows customers to reduce test cycle duration, increase scope of testing, ensuring better end user quality with less cost than typical manual testing.

PREVIOUS TESTING PROCESSES of Mobile device applications involved prolonged manual testing or expensive proprietary software. Manual testing, although easy, requires substantial time to execute. This is cumbersome for development groups that use an iterative approach to development and QA such as Agile. Other proprietary mobile automation software either tests on emulates which add an additional level of risk or is so expensive the cost usage exceeds the return on investment in all but the largest applications.

HP Quick Test Pro is used to drive automated functional tests on mobile devices without the need to purchase any additional licenses or plug ins. Using this industry standard tool allows for an inexpensive testing solution that is easy to maintain and staff for once implemented.

THE FOLLOWING MOBILE SMART PHONES AND HANDHELDS can be automated using our framework.
Apple iOS (iPhone, iPad)
Symbian (Nokia Phones)
Windows CE (Enterprise Handheld)
Windows Mobile 6.0-7.0

Blue Crane Technology offers comprehensive performance testing of both the mobile client AND enterprise infrastructure to ensure an performance requirements are met and end user satisfaction is exceeded.

Due to size and power utilization needs mobile devices can be significantly less powerful than traditional desktop PC’s. Because of these differences in hardware developers are challenged to write
applications on slower devices and still deliver powerful content. In order to help facilitate better performance on mobile applications QMA Solutions offers Mobile Performance Metrics. In addition to creating automated tests for your mobile application, we now offer performance monitoring of each of the devices automated to ensure the mobile device is optimized for end user consumption.

According to Gartner’s latest research, the total number of browser-equipped phones will exceed 1.82 billion units, outnumbering the PC’s, forecasted at 1.78 billion units in the year 2013. QMA Solution’s experienced consultants will help you validate enterprise infrastructure performance to ensure both mobile and legacy applications are optimized for real world stress.