HP Unified Functional Test Training

UFT Training

HP Unified Functional Test Training

We offer on site training with the HP Unified Functional Testing software.  UFT simplifies the Automation process allowing for less coding, simplified reuse of code, API Testing and Mobile Testing integration.

In this course, we will teach you the first steps of automation testing such as deciding when to use automation and manual testing to the advanced topics such as VB Scripting, C# Coding, Regular expressions reusable actions.  We will show you how to properly integrate your GUI and API Automation as well as Mobile Application Testing.

We have developed a powerful automation methodology that simplifies the overall automation and automation asset maintenance process. Using a framework driven approach, our dedicated test engineers will ensure that you get the most out of your Automation investment.

This framework based automation methodology includes the creation of reusable components and keyword driven scripts, which allows for maximum flexibility and re-usability of your automation assets. This advanced approach is designed to significantly reduce Automation time, thus reducing the go-to market cycles.